Can We Substitute Whole Fruits with Fruit Juices?

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whole fruits juices


An age old question. Well, maybe not that severe, but we can all admit that this has been a question that has crossed our minds every now and then that we’re always too lazy to google.

Well, seeing that you’re clicking on this post right now though, congratulations! Your curiosity and dedication to look for an answer to wether or not we can substitute whole fruits with fruits juices has finally led you to me. 


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Pre-packaged Fruit Juices 


The fruit juices that we see in the supermarket shelves –– albeit looking refreshing and tasty –– is not close to even being as healthy as consuming whole fruits. When a whole fruit is processed or squeezed to make juice, nutrients like fiber and some of the vitamins in the fruits ended up getting lost in the process. 

While packed fruit juice bottles sounds better and just all around more efficient and less time consuming, we should note that just 250 mm of a regular packed orange juice contains over 140 calories. Which is equal to almost 3 small oranges. 


whole fruits juices


Not to mention, a lot of fruit juices sold in supermarkets these days contains only 5%-10% of real fruit juice while all the others are added sweeteners (sucrose or high fructose corn syrup). Which will result in us consuming empty calories without actually getting any of the true nutritional values when we consume these kind of beverages. 


Home Squeezed Fruit Juices 


Compared to the pre-packaged fruit juices, home-squeezed ones will obviously be better for your body and health. As it not only nourishes your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients available in the whole fruit. 


whole fruits juices


However juicing whole fruits may cause the extracted juice to lose fiber content that the pulp and skin of the fruit has. And in this case, fiber is important for our bodies as it helps with digestion, controlling blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. Not to mention, it also helps to keep us full longer, which is really useful if we are looking to lose weight. 



Whole Fruits or Home Squeezed Juice? 


When it comes the the quality, we can still get the same nutritional values of a whole fruit in home squeezed fruit juices, except that there will be much less fibers contained in juices. So while fruit juices are great, it is still better to consume whole fruits while you can as the fibers contained in the fruits will help our bodies in a lot of different factors. 


whole fruits juices


With that said, there is no strict rule that one should only consume whole fruits. It is definitely okay to both have whole fruits and homemade juices alternatively and switch between the two. For examples, for elderly and children who find it hard to swallow and chew solids, homemade fruit juices are the better option. However, fruit juices shouldn’t be served to diabetics considering they have low to no fiber content left



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